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  1. Expertise in groundwater control since 1923
    Expertise in groundwater control since 1923
    CDPW Inc. is a turn-key operation. We install, rent, sell, service, and repair all dewatering equipment. "Often imitated, however, we are the original innovators in dewatering equipment (ref. U.S. Patent #3, 566, 982, issued in March 1971)"
  2. CDPW Inc. is a Contract Dewatering Expert
    CDPW Inc. is a Contract Dewatering Expert
    We specialize in: Wellpoint Systems , Deep-well Projects - (Daytona Speedway tunnel project shown), Open Sumping, Sock Drain, Sewer By-Pass, Construction Site Dewatering, Fast turnaround / 24hr service
  3. New Partial Enclosure "Whisper Pack"
    New Partial Enclosure "Whisper Pack"
    The "Whisper Pack" partial and full enclosures offer advanced engineering updates such as easily serviceable access areas including doors that allow access to pump components for maintenance without disconnecting the suction piping, weather resistant hardware, and insulation. This noise-reducing canopy is available on nearly every CDPW Pump model. The "Whisper Pack" not only reduces noise pollution but allows for peace of mind provided by a locked unit that cannot be tampered.
  4. Introducing the CDPW By-Pass Pump
    Introducing the CDPW By-Pass Pump
    What if the same pump could be used for wellpointing, trash sumping or by-pass work? 3” solids handling, 6” discharge versatile solution for all your pumping needs.
  5. Online Catalog
    Online Catalog
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