Wellpoint Equipment
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CDPW offers the most comprehensive line of wellpoint systems and accessories.  Whether for grommet,   O-ring, or saddle styles.  Give us a call so we can provide you with a high efficiency, low cost system.
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Steel Self-Jetting Wellpoints

Self-Jetting Wellpoint w/ SS Screen part # 301-SS
Fabricated around a 1.5” galvanized inner pipe, the Complete Wellpoint features a PVC plastic 0.015” slotted filter screen, a jet head with a plastic ball valve for jetting and a saw-toothed tip to penetrate hardpan layers or other tough ground strata.  The top coupling threads to standard 1.5” riser pipe.
Self-Jetting Wellpoint w/ PVC Screen part # 301
All the great features of our well known PVC screen steel self-jetting wellpoint, but upgraded with a 0.015” Stainless Steel mesh filter screen.  The top coupling threads to standard 1.5” riser pipe.
Welltop Adapter
O-ring style part # 302
Grommet style part # 302-GR
Threaded onto a standard riser pipe, the aluminum alloy welltop fitting mates with the elbow connector of the swing joint for quick, secure connections in the field and requires no tools once installed on the riser pipe.
Jet Fitting
2” O-ring style connection size
part # 313
1.5” grommet style connection size part # 313-GR
Connected to the high pressure jetting hose, the jet fitting makes set-up for ‘jetting in’ the wellpoints a simple operation.  The O-ring equipped jet fitting pushes into the Complete Welltop Adapter/riser assembly and a spring-secured bracket slips under the welltop to provide a leak free pressure connection.  Once the wellpoint is jetted in, the bracket is swung clear and the jet fitting pulled from the welltop, for use on the next wellpoint.  No tools are required.
Pipe Puller part # 314
This fitting, attached to a crane or other lifting mechanism, makes removal of the installed wellpoint a quick, safe, and simple job.  The bracket slips under the welltop, secured by the locking gate, and the wellpoint / riser pipe is then lifted straight out of the ground.  The puller releases with a one-hand operation and is ready for use on the next wellpoint.
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Wellpoints, Header, & Swings

PVC Wellpoint
2” thin wall (SDR 26) x 36” long
part # 304
1-1/2” sch. 40 x 36” long
part # 304-1.5
These economical wellpoints are used when a jet rod or punch and casing are used.  An inside slip coupling is used so the wellpoint riser can be pulled and re-used.  Precision 
slotting of PVC plastic pipe creates a wellpoint screen which allows maximal water flow with minimal passage of fine material.  The screen is self-cleaning by reverse flushing during jetting.  The PVC wellpoint screen totally eliminates clogging due to corrosion, or deterioration by electrolytic action.  Optional inner-tube can be added for maximum drawdowns. 
Header Pipe
6", 8", & 10" Diameter Sizes
Made of rugged PVC plastic – one man can handle and carry a 20’ (6m) length.  You save time and manpower on transportation, installation and removal.  Header pipe is available in 6” (150mm), 8” (200mm), and 10” (250mm) sizes.  Standard header pipe has 7 outlets per 20’ section.  Close header for those extremely saturated jobs is available with 14 outlet per 20’ section.  A selection of elbows, tees, angle fittings and end caps are available for all header sizes.
Swing Joint - O-ring style
part # 307
The all plastic swing joint consists of two Complete ‘O’ Ring equipped elbow connectors linked by a flexible plastic hose.  The swing joints simply push into the 2” welltop coupling and into the saddle opening in the header pipe.  No wrenches or tools are needed.  Shut-off valve included to control water and air movement in the wellpoint.
Swing Joint - Grommet style
part # 307-GR 
The all plastic swing joint consists of two grommet style clear elbows, clear flexible hose, and flow control valve.  Factory preassembled in our controlled environment.  The 1 ½” grommet style connection pushes into a welltop grommet on one end and a header grommet on the other.  No tools required for assembly or disassembly.
Header Coupling
6” diameter PVC pipe part # 210-6
8” diameter PVC pipe part # 210-8
10” diameter PVC pipe part # 210-10
Leakproof header connections are assured with the rubber slip fit sleeve coupling.  Molded sleeves with a tapered ID fit quickly onto the header pipe.
Hat Plug
O-ring style part # 401
Grommet style part # 401-GR
A simple, effective way to plug unused header pipe openings, the hat plug just pushes into the opening for a quick, leakproof fit.  Requires no tools.
QD Disconnect Clamps
6", 8", & 10" Diameter Sizes
Header coupling connections are secured quickly and easily with Quick Disconnect “QD” style clamps.  Simply pull band around coupling and push worm screw in place.  Minimal twisting of screw with standard 5/16” nut driver is needed to finish tightening unit.  To loosen connection just remove tension and pop screw from band threads.
Header Saddle
6” diameter PVC pipe part # 401-6
8” diameter PVC pipe part # 401-8
10” diameter PVC pipe part # 401-10
Injection molded saddle connects O-ring style swing joints to PVC header pipe (includes 4 screws)
​Grommet Inserts
Welltop Grommet part # 405-WT
Header Grommet part # 405-HD
Grommet inserts are used to secure and seal swing joints to the welltop and header piping.  Welltop insert is straight walled to fit inside a 1-1/2” sch. 40 PVC coupling.  Header inserts have a curved groove to fit inside a 2” hole in the PVC header.  Fits 6” and 8” header systems.

Wellpoint Specialty Equipment

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Steel Fittings
4”, 6", 8", 10”, & 12" Diameter Sizes
Pipe fittings are designed for quick and easy hook up on both header and discharge pipe for wellpoint
systems – no matter how complicated the piping arrangement. Fitting OD (outer diameter) is same as
schedule 40 pipe, allowing for use of conventional slip type rubber sleeves for header pipe, or using
‘Dresser’ style fittings for discharge connections.  Constructed of 3/16” thick steel and pressure tested to 40psi (92ft).  Rugged steel fittings can be used over and over on many jobs without damage.
Wellpoint Mop
Part # 322
Mops are used for removing stubborn surface water from a dewatering site.  The 20 ft. hose connects directly to the header system and transmits the pump vacuum to the mop head.  Mop head can be moved to the lowest point to remove surface water down to within one inch of the mop base.  Includes ball valve to fine tune system depending on water level.  Heavy duty steel to withstand most construction site abuse.  
Wellpoint Strainer
Part # 323
Strainers can be used at the lowest point in an excavation to create a sump pit and remove unwanted water.  Dig a hole approx. the size of a 5 gal bucket, place the strainer in a rock bed below the surface, hook the 20 ft. hose to the header pipe, adjust ball valve as needed.  Strainers are made of durable steel to withstand most construction site abuse.
Download Catalog Sheet
Download Catalog Sheet
Jet Rod
CDPW's Jet Rod makes jetting in a point simple. The rod and fittings are aluminum to cut down on weight and make handling easier. Jet Rod is 2-pieces to allow breakdown for easy transport and storage. Steel turbo tip blasts material out of the way for fast jetting and less wear.
Header Support
Part # 311
Designed simply to make the header line self-supporting by utilizing the strength of the riser pipes, a safety precaution in sheer cut area and valleys.
Download Catalog Sheet
Download Catalog Sheet
Jet Tank
Settling Tank
Part # TANK-LG
Settling tanks are used to settle solids out of pump discharge before sending the water to a reclaim system or discharge well.  Tanks include four 10” diameter pipe openings on each end for versatility.  Our large settling tank is 12’ long by 4’ wide by 6’ tall, total capacity of 2,150 gallons with a working capacity of 1,800 gallons.  Jet tanks are a smaller version of the settling tank with a 1,200 gallon capacity (900 gallon working capacity); 10’ long by 4’ wide by 4’ tall.
Butterfly Valve
Header Pipe Style with Nipple Flanges
6", 8", & 10" Diameter Sizes
Isolation valve used for both wellpoint header or sock systems.  CDPW fabricates and assembles steel nipple flanges to each side for easy connection using header sleeves or dresser style couplings.
Check Valves - Resilient flapper, solids handling
​Complete Dewatering now offers cast iron ANSI 125# flange check valves for all applications ranging from 3” to 10” sizes. Check valves feature a buna-n flapper molded around a ductile iron core for use in all solids handling or abrasive by-pass and dewatering applications.