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Construction Dewatering

In many regions of the country commercial building construction must contend with high water conditions.  These conditions may be caused by surface water or underground water.  Excessive water on a job site causes challenges with setting a proper foundation which could ultimately lead to possible building stability issues.  Construction dewatering contractors are able to lower ground water levels locally so building construction can be accomplished to code. 
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Open Water Drainage

Water accumulates at the lowest point usually taken there by gravity.  This can be a lake, a low area in a field, or construction job site that has accumulated rain during an afternoon shower.  Unwanted standing water can lead to project delays and if left untreated an insect breeding ground.  Temporary use of a trash pump helps displace this water to a more desirable area. 
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By-Pass Pumping

Wastewater is generated at many locations every day.  Once a toilet is flushed or a sink used, the water disappears ‘down the drain’.  This wastewater is collected through a series of pipes and eventually is delivered to a Municipal treatment center.  Municipal wastewater systems are often an un-thought of necessity of modern society until a problem arises.  Pipes throughout the collection system need routine maintenance and repair.  For repairs to be done, it is not possible to stop the incoming waste stream.  In this case, a pump system is utilized to by-pass the repair area, so work can be performed in a safe and expeditious manner. 
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Emergency Pumping

Disasters happen!  We have all seen pictures of a hurricane or excessive rain fall event that has put stress on the local infrastructure to handle the drainage of water.  What happens when the drainage cannot go anywhere or the electricity is out of service?  Water and oftentimes sewage will back up in an area where it is not wanted.  Portable trash pumps or vacuum assisted trash pumps are used to move the water downstream or through a treatment system until normal service can be restored.
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Industrial & Mining

The US EPA has mandated all commercial and industrial sites have storm water control plans.  Water generated on site or that falls on the site must be handled accordingly.  Long gone are the days when one could just let overland flow take its course.  Mother Nature however is not easily subdued.  Loading docks, quarries, and open fields are all subject to drainage problems.  Use of a trash pump that can handle the solids found in these applications allows Industrial to sites to not only rid the area of excess water but also stay compliant with national, state, and local water obligations.
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