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By-Pass Pumps
The Complete Vacuum Assisted Bypass Pump is our most versatile pump ever.  The By-pass pump is ideally suited for sewer bypass operations, open sumping of flood areas, basins, ponds, excavations, and wellpoint dewatering with its high capacity vacuum pump. Features include 3" solids handling, high suction lift capabilities, 24 hours fuel cell operating time, run-dry seal, and optional auto start/stop control panel.  Specify 6" or 8" suction when ordering.
Download Cut Sheet 6" By-Pass Pump 
*Specify model TP = Wet-Prime Trash Pumps; VATP = AutoPrimeTM Vacuum Assist Trash Pumps; VABP = By-Pass Pumps
**other engines available

*Specify suction / discharge                                                             
**other engines available

  • Flows up to 2,400 GPM and Heads up to 167’ TDH
  • Suction Lifts up to 24 feet; primes and re-primes automatically
  • Cast iron pump construction, 3” solids passing
  • Complete Vacuum Assist System with a high volume rotary vane liquid cooled vacuum pump
  • Closed loop vacuum oil recovery system with cyclonic vacuum oil reclaimer (exhaust filter optional)
  • Welded steel integral fuel tank sized for 24hr run time; clean out ports at all four corners
  • Back pull-out design allows easy removal and repair without disturbing connections
  • Standard all models: Lockable fuel cap, Battery hold-down, Single point lifting bail, Discharge check valve, and Volute drain
  • Murphy engine control panel
  • Diesel engine (Tier 3 rebuilt or Tier 4 new) or Electric motor options available

  • “Whisper Pack” full or partial enclosures
  • Engines: Duetz, Isuzu 4LE2X turbocharged, John Deere, Hatz, Kohler, Yanmar (additional engines available upon request)
  • Float activated control panel optional
  • Trailer mounted: Highway wheels / tires, Torsion bar axle, DOT light kit, Highway fenders, Tow hitch, and Brake kit available
  • Frame mounted hose carry racks and baskets
  • Camlock suction and discharge fittings (please consult CDPW for additional fittings)
  • Construction Dewatering
  • Sewer Bypass
  • Flood Drainage
  • Quarry Dewatering
  • Emergency Pumping
  • Open Sumping
  • Site and Pipeline Dewatering
  • Sock Dewatering