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Contract Dewatering Services

CDPW started developing expertise in groundwater control in 1923 to solve construction site groundwater problems.  Complete realized the need for a qualified, reliable dewatering contractor to meet the needs of both property owners and general contractors.  Today, Complete is one of the largest dewatering contractors in North America.  Our commitment to performance, value, engineering and service are unmatched!  Complete offers the latest techniques, reliable equipment and a highly skilled staff with over 100 years combined experience in all sectors of construction dewatering.

We believe the key to successful dewatering is reliable and personalized service.  Great care is taken to satisfy the contractor’s specific needs and bring the project to completion ON TIME and WITHIN BUDGET.

Wellpoint Systems

In many regions of the country commercial building construction must contend with high water conditions.  These conditions may be caused by surface water or underground water.  Excessive water on a job site causes challenges with setting a proper foundation which could ultimately lead to possible building stability issues.  Wellpoint Systems are the most commonly used dewatering method.  A properly installed system will pre-drain and stabilize wet soils up to a depth of 17'.  Additional stages can be installed if the excavation is deeper.
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Sock Systems

Sock Systems are relatively easy. A specialized trencher digs and installs fabric wrapped perforated pipe under the construction area. The drain length is determined by the soil conditions and the water table. In general, drain lengths of 200 to 400 feet and installation depths of up to 18 feet are common.  Multiple runs in parallel can be used.  Individual runs are collected in a common header for connection to a wellpoint pump.  Usually after 2 to 3 days the water table has been lowered enough for initial excavation to begin.  After subsurface construction is completed, pumps and header can be removed from the system allowing the water table to return to normal.  Sock underdrain is capped for future use or abandoned in place. 
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Deep Well Systems

Deep Well Systems are used where the excavation depth exceeds the maximum limits for a wellpoint system and a large quantity of water needs to be extracted. They are ideal for keeping water away from construction trench areas enabling work to be carried out in dry and stable conditions. A deep well system would also be used if space is limited as wells can be sited away from the construction area. 
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Open Sumping Systems

Disasters happen!  We have all seen pictures of a hurricane or excessive rain fall event that has put stress on the local infrastructure to handle the drainage of water.  What happens when the drainage cannot go anywhere or the electricity is out of service?  Water and oftentimes sewage will back up in an area where it is not wanted.  Portable trash pumps or vacuum assisted trash pumps are used to move the water to a disignated or approved area.
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