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Rotary Wellpoint Pumps
Complete Wellpoint Pumps have been the industry standard for wellpoint and sock underdrain dewatering since 1923.  Our rotary vane wellpoint pumps are designed with maximum flow rates similar to our centrifugal wellpoint pumps of similar discharge size.  This provides easy field hookup to the most commonly found pipe and layflat sizes – no costly adapters or hard to find fittings needed.  Large capacity suction and discharge baffle tanks with automatic liquid recirculation are standard to protect pump end components during periods of dry run and reduce surges in discharge and header lines.  An engine mounted gear drive reliably transfers power to the industry leading all cast iron Vogelsang wet-end.  Belts and pulley transfer option also available and standard on electric units.  Available in sizes from 6” to 10”, diesel or electric powered.  
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6" Rotary Wellpoint Pump 
Download Cut Sheet Diesel
8" Rotary Wellpoint Pump 
Download Cut Sheet Diesel
10" Rotary Wellpoint Pump 
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*Specify model RWP = Rotary WellPoint Pump                                                              
**other engines available
  • Maximum suction lift 25 ft
  • Pumping flow rate to 2,600 GPM; Heads to 80 ft. (35 psi) TDH
  • Large steel air / water separation baffling tanks on both suction and discharge with automatic recirculation protection system
  • Field proven high performance cast iron Vogelsang positive displacement rotary lobe wet-end
  • Lockable fuel cap, Battery hold-down, Single point lifting bail, Discharge check valve, and Tank drains
  • Skid mounted integral fuel tank sized for 18-24hr run time; clean out ports at all four corners
  • Standardized parts across all sizes
  • Full instrumentation panel with safety shutdowns
  • Special fuel filtration system for removing dirt and water from diesel fuel
  • Diesel engine (Tier 3 rebuilt or Tier 4 new) or Electric motor options available

  • Belts & Pulley reduction drive system
  • Increased fuel capacity
  • “Whisper Pack” full or partial enclosures
  • Engines: Deutz, Hatz, Kohler, Yanmar or Isuzu (additional engines available upon request)
  • Trailer mounted: Highway wheels / tires, Torsion bar axle, DOT light kit, Highway fenders, Tow hitch, and Brake kit available
  • Camlock or Bauer type suction and discharge fittings (please consult CDPW for additional fittings)